Analytics Engine



The FAR-EDGE Analytics engine is a middleware component for configurable distributed data analytics in industrial automation scenarios. Its functionalities are accessible through an Open API, which enables the configuration and deployment of various industrial-scale data analytics scenarios.

It supports processing of large volumes of streaming data (big data) at both the edge and the cloud/enterprise layers of digital automation deployments.

The video below demonstrates the FAR-EDGE Distributed Data Analytics (DDA) platform which is a dynamic and programmable distributed data analytics solution for industrial environments. The solution includes an edge analytics engine for analytics close to the field and in-line with the edge computing paradigm. Each edge analytics engine instance is flexible and dynamically configurable based on an Analytics Manifest (AM).

Innovation & Added-Value

The Analytics Engine support data analytics at both the edge and the cloud layers of a digital automation system. It is very flexible configurable based on the notion of Analytics Manifests (AM), which obviate the need for tedious data analytics programming.

AMs support various analytics functionalities and are amenable by visual tools. Note that the Analytics Engine is provided with an open source license.

Target Groups

  • Providers and Integrators of Industrial Automation Solutions
  • Researchers
  • Plant Operators



Available as open source components at