Migration Services



This service supports manufacturers, plant operators and solutions integrators in planning and realizing a smooth migration from conventional industrial automation systems (like ISA-95 systems) to the emerging Industry4.0 ones (like edge computing systems).

Our service leverages a Migration matrix tool that considers all the necessary improvement steps and strategies needed to enable a smooth migration from traditional control production systems towards the decentralised control automation architecture based on edge computing, Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things technologies.

The presentation below provides information on the MIgration Services. In addition, was also published a White Paper that provides the Migration Strategies for Digital Automation in the Industry-4.0 era.

Innovation & Added-Value

This service takes into account the need for smooth and gradual migration to Industry4.0, in a way that will not compromise production time, quality and cost, while at the same time safeguarding existing investments in automation systems.

Target Groups

  • Providers and Integrators of Industrial Automation Solutions;
  • Researchers;
  • Vendors of Industrial Automation Products and Services;
  • Manufacturers;
  • Plant Operators



In order to test the service please contact the responsible person(s). You could also start by filling-in our relevant (migration) survey