Volvo Use Case



The demands from the market are going towards more customized products, which increase the product variability to be handled in the production. The trend towards more connectivity, virtual and augmented reality, real-time analytics and simulation is continuously increasing the amount of data and information to be managed in both product development and production. The surroundings and prerequisites for the production are changing rapidly, but there is no or very limited acceptance to compromise on the cost-effectiveness and flexibility. The FAR-EDGE platform and the distributed architecture will be demonstrated and validated in a mass-customization context at Volvo production facilities for the final assembly of the trucks, where most trucks are unique and individually customized. There are expectation for enabling validation and demonstrations to show level of reconfiguration, flexibility and scalability trough integration of cyber physical systems of different complexity sources inside an environment, but also in-between the different types of target environments, and also for services for distributed data management, real-time analytics and simulations.